best clubs in istanbul

19 Best Clubs in Istanbul – Ultimate Party Guide 2024

So where are the best clubs in Istanbul? The best clubs in Istanbul are mostly around the Bosphorus strait and Taksim Square. There are however quite a few more in lesser-known neighborhoods. Here’s the list of 19 Best Clubs in Istanbul: ranging from those who offer an elite ambiance and a quality evening with fine dining with Bosphorus views to those who offer crazy parties that last until the morning. Let’s dive into it:

1. Ulus 29

best clubs in istanbul

Ulus 29 is one of the best clubs in Istanbul. Located inside the Ulus Park above the Bosphorus view, Ulus 29 has a spectacular view of the city. This great place is not only considered to be one of the best nightclubs in Istanbul but also is a Michelin-approved restaurant. For a more elite, fine-dining experience and a quality night’s out, check out Ulus 29. Saturday nights are quite lively here.

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2. Ruby

best clubs in Istanbul

Similar to Ulus 29, Ruby is also an elite, fine-dining restaurant that turns into a club on weekends. However, the difference is Ruby is located on the Bosphorus Strait, not above it. With an exceptional Bosphorus view, once again, this place also has a Michelin recommendation. Delicious cocktails at its cocktail bar, scrumptious food, and jaw-dropping view place Ruby at the top of our list. Ruby is truly one of the best clubs in Istanbul. Some of the best nightlife experiences can be found in Istanbul’s Ruby.

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3. Sortie Club

best clubs in Istanbul

Sortie Club is located between the two bridges on the Bosphorus strait, at the perfect place by the sea. With great music, delicious food, and an elite ambiance, Sortie is often listed among the best nightclubs in town. Sortie Club isn’t just one club, it’s a complex. There are several restaurants and bars inside and it’s open until 4 am. With a sea-level Bosphorus view, delicious international cuisine and bouncy music, Sortie Club is worth checking out.

Sortie’s official website

4. Jolly Joker

best clubs in Istanbul

Would you like to experience the real Turkish music culture? If you want to dive into the city’s music scene, it doesn’t get better than this. Walking distance from Taksim Square and Istiklal Caddesi, Jolly Joker hosts live concerts. Some of the most famous Turkish artists and bands take the stage in Jolly Joker. Jolly Joker isn’t a stand-alone club, it’s a chain. They have 21 bars/clubs all over Turkey. Jolly Joker is most certainly one of the best clubs in Istanbul when it comes to live music. For a memorable experience, we highly recommend Jolly Joker for true music lovers who come to visit Istanbul. Music genres: Turkish rock, Turkish pop, hip-hop, alternative.

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5. Masquerade Club

best clubs in Istanbul

Do you want a pure, raw clubbing experience, focused on dancing all night? Masquerade Club is your place. This club, claims to be the “Best Club in Istanbul”. Not sure if it is THE best, but I’d have to agree that Masquerade Club is indeed one of the best clubs in Istanbul. They don’t try to impress you with food or fine dining, this place is all about music and dance. With local and international DJs performing on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, Masquerade Club is open three days a week. Music is usually House or Deep House, sometimes R&B and Hip-Hop.

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6. Babylon Bomonti

best clubs in Istanbul

Did someone say live music again? If you had enough techno music and DJ performances, give a chance to Babylon Bomonti. Local music culture is live on stage in Babylong Bomonti. Small-time and sometimes big-time musicians take the stage in this club. Progressive good music, Turkish rock, pop, and electronic can all be found in Babylon Bomonti. If you want to have a good time watching local artists perform live on stage, this is your place. Typically the musicians that take stage here aren’t as big as the ones in Jolly Joker, but it offers an alternative. With the chill ambiance and unique vibe, I’d say Babylon Bomonti deserves a spot amongst the best clubs in Istanbul.

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7. Klein Garten

best clubs in Istanbul

Don’t like fancy and luxury clubs? No worries, check out Klein Garten located near the famous Istiklal Street. Klein Garten is a rooftop bar/club that offers a chill outdoor clubbing experience. This shabby-looking rooftop club isn’t exactly the cheapest but feels down to earth and has a good vibe to it. They usually play chill out until midnight and then start building up to electronic and techno music. Great summer vibes.

8. Ritim Bar

Ritim Bar

Maybe you want to go to a more affordable club? Like, down-to-earth, reasonably priced, and shabby. Say no more. Walking distance from the famous Istiklal Street, right after the fish markets, there is Ritim Bar. Ritim Bar has 2 bars, one on the street level, and a rooftop club upstairs. It’s very accessible, and prices are very reasonable but don’t expect to find an elite ambiance here. If you want to party on a budget, don’t worry too much about dress codes, check this place out.

9. Supperclub


Supperclub is without a doubt the most unusual club on our list. This one-of-a-kind club is not for the conservative-minded. They have masked performers who won’t rest until everybody interacts with the show. They have a surprise fix menu where you order but don’t know what will arrive until it does. And the setting, the ambiance are one of a kind, too. They have comfy plush bed-type seating lounges, everything is comfortable yet unexpected at the same time. R&B nights on Fridays and Saturdays are the best. For a truly memorable experience, check out Supperclub Istanbul. With its surprise element and creative approach to entertainment, I’d say Supperclub is one of the best clubs in Istanbul.

10. Oligark Istanbul

best clubs in istanbul

Similar to Ruby and Sortie, Oligark is also located on the Bosphorus strait. This elite club has a fantastic Bosphorus view, similar to Ruby and Sortie. Delicious food and a lively club atmosphere on weekends. According to many locals in Istanbul, the best clubs in Istanbul are located by the Bosphorus, and so is Oligark.

11. X-Large

best clubs in Istanbul

X-Large is one of the craziest and most explosive clubs on this list. The party goes on until the early morning hours, they typically play bouncy electronic music. X-Large is also known to be one of the best gay-friendly clubs in Istanbul. It surely is one of the best clubs in Istanbul when we’re talking raw fun and dancing. Check out X-Large if you’re in for an incredible stage dance show and a wild party!

12. 360 Istanbul

best clubs in istanbul

Located near the Taksim Square, directly on the Istiklal Street, 360 Istanbul offers a fantastic 360 view of Istanbul. This location is more or less the city center of Istanbul, the heart of Istanbul. This rooftop restaurant turns into a club on weekends. Great international cuisine, lively music on weekends, and breathtaking views of the city. When it comes to view, this is one of the best clubs in Istanbul. They also invite famous local and international DJs and artists for live shows. Check out our comprehensive guide for 15 Best Rooftop Bars in Istanbul in 2024 (Update).

13. Nardis Jazz Club

best clubs in istanbul

A different touch, Nardis Jazz Club. The only real jazz club on our list, Nardis offers an alternative clubbing experience. Walking distance from the Galata Tower, you can access Nardis with the Galata Tunel line. Galata Tunel line is called “TÜNEL” in Turkish, also known as the F2 funicular line going from Karaköy to Şişhane Square. From here the Galata Tower and Nardis Jazz Club are 5-10 min walking distance. If you like live jazz, you’re in for a real treat. The best clubs in Istanbul are arguably the most original ones, and Nardis surely stands out from the rest. Nardis Jazz Club not only offers live music and great entertainment but also hosts jazz vocal competitions. A great way to explore the city’s music scene.

Check out the program of Nardis Jazz Club

14. Cahide Palazzo

best clubs in Istanbul

Cahide Palazzo is called “Palazzo”, meaning “Palace” for good reason. This unique place is truly like a palace. Designed by architect Ali Türker, Cahide Palazzo was created in a way to impress its visitors with its appearance. Detailed sculptures on the outside and inside, glamorous and excessively detailed design is no less than a 19th-century European palace. In their own words, Cahide Palazzo “makes you transition to another world”. This surreal club truly brings you to another dimension, it may not appeal to everyone, but it surely will be a memorable night.

Officail Website of Cahide Palazzo

15. Al Jamal

best clubs in Istanbul

Want to go full Middle Eastern while you’re at it? Al Jamal is here for your rescue. Al Jamal is the only non-Turkish club on this list of best clubs in Istanbul. Founded as a Lebanese restaurant/club, Al Jamal has crazy parties along with delicious Lebanese foods. Clubbing in this authentic atmosphere can surely be a fulfilling oriental experience.

16. Dorock XL Kadikoy

best clubs in Istanbul

The first but not the last club on the Asian side on our list, Dorock XL is located in Kadikoy. This massive club is one of the liveliest clubs on the Asian side of Istanbul. Live DJs take the stage on weekends. The dance floor is filled with locals who come to the party from the Anatolian side. Drock XL is one of the best clubs in Istanbul that is located on the Asian side.

17. 45’lik Bar Kadikoy

best clubs in Istanbul

Another club in Kadikoy but this time with a theme: Turkish pop classics. This bar focuses on playing Turkish pop classics from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. It is a bit shabby, not as massive as the other clubs on this list, but surely has a great atmosphere. It is sort of a hidden gem, as it is on the Asian side and plays only old Turkish pop music.

18. Suma Beach (Only in Summer)

best clubs in istanbul

Summer beach party, alright! Suma Beach is not exactly a club, but a private beach club that hosts parties in summer. When the weather gets hot and the party is on, Suma Beach is banging with electronic music!

Check out their program here

19. Finn Karaköy

best clubs in istanbul

One of the newer places on our list, Finn Karaköy stands out with its delicious cocktails. The cocktail bar here offers such cocktails that you may have never heard of. In fact, they even have their own online cocktail store! The party starts a little later in Finn Karaköy as it also offers a fine dining experience.

Important: What should you know before going clubbing in Istanbul?

Going Single:

It is essential to know that most quality clubs in Istanbul and Turkey will have certain codes. You typically cannot enter any club as a bachelor man, you will need to be accompanied by a woman. This does not mean you need to be a couple, you just need to be with a woman. Women can enter clubs solo, but men cannot. Men also cannot enter with other men, unless they’re a gay couple and it’s a gay-friendly club. If you are in a friend group, the bouncer will look for an equal number of males and females in your group. However, in many places, this does not need to be an exact ratio. For ex, 2 girls and 3 guys can enter a club in most cases.

Dress Code

Most quality clubs will have dress codes. It is a good idea to take a minute to research before going to a club.


Some clubs won’t even take you without reservation. Make sure you do your research and book in advance if necessary.


Istanbul is a mega city of 16 million residents. No matter the time of the year, it will be packed, everywhere. Dress and prepare accordingly.

Happy partying! Cheers!

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