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11 Best & Popular Turkish Clothing Brands in Istanbul

Our top 11 picks for best Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul are Mavi, LCW, Vakko, Sarar, Derimod, Penti, Kiğılı, Mudo, Koton and Hatemoğlu. We picked these 11 brands not because they’re all luxury and high quality, but because they offer the best range of options. While brands like Mavi, LCW, and Koton are more affordable, Vakko and Kiğılı offer a more luxury touch. Let’s dive into the best Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul:

1. Mavi (Mavi Jeans)

Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

Mavi, my favorite Turkish clothing brand, is one of the biggest Turkish textile brands. They’re also one of the biggest Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul. Mavi has stores in western Asia, eastern Europe, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and even the USA. Good quality, reasonable prices, and a wide product range put Mavi on the top of our list. Started as Mavi Jeans, Mavi today has stores in 37 different countries and offers a wide range of products. I always buy my jeans from Mavi. Their other products are also good quality, but their best products are still jeans in my opinion. They also offer online shopping, you can check their products on their online store.


Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

Originally called LC Waikiki, LCW transformed from children’s clothing to all-age clothing and rebranded itself as LCW. With close to 1200 retail stores worldwide, LCW is probably the biggest Turkish clothing brand in the textile industry. Among other Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul, LCW stands out with its pricing. With reasonable prices, different options, and good quality, LCW is among the leading brands in Turkish clothing. LCW used to be specialized, in children’s clothing, but not anymore. They have a wide range of products, which you can check here on their online store. You can order to your doorstep if they have a store in your home country. When visiting Istanbul, you’ll see LCW stores on every major street. They’re ubiquitous.

3. Vakko

Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

Ok, is the Turkish fashion industry all about affordable clothing? Of course not! Among other Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul, Vakko stands out as a luxury brand. If you like high-quality products with unique designs, Vakko is for you. Founded by designer Vitali Hakko in 1934 in Istanbul, Vakko originally specialized in hats. Today it’s a luxury brand that makes not only high quality accessories but also high quality clothing. When visiting Istanbul, you can find Vakko stores in popular shopping malls such as Istinye Park or the Mall of Istanbul. They also have a store in the Istanbul Airport. Check out their website from this link.

4. Sarar

Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

If you’re looking for high-quality clothes for reasonable prices, Sarar might be your brand. Sarar, although high quality and stylish, is not that expensive. Generally speaking, this brand focuses on clothing for more official occasions. Evening dresses for ladies and suits for men can be found in Sarar. This brand has a bit fewer retail stores, however, you can find still them in some major malls. Such shopping malls include Cevahir, Forum Istanbul, Mall of Istanbul, and Istinye Park. If you’re into more formal-looking clothing for both men and women, Sarar might be for you.

5. Derimod

Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul also offer leather. When it comes to leather goods, Derimod is one of the first brands that comes to the minds of most Turkish people. Currently sitting at 87 retail stores, Derimod isn’t as widespread as Mavi or LCW. However, if you come across a Derimod, their collections are worth checking out. Turkey is one of the world’s biggest textile producers, and leather has a special place in its textile industry. You might not know this, but many leather brands in Italy outsource their production to Turkey. So you might be thinking you’re buying Italian leather when you’re really buying Turkish leather. Turkish leather is that good. And when it comes to Turkish leather, Derimod is amongst the most popular brands. High-quality materials and great design put Derimod on our list with its collection. Check out Derimod from their online store.

6. Penti

Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

Penti is a very specialized brand among Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul. They specialize in women’s underwear & homewear. High-quality products, reasonable prices, and unique designs earn Penti a valuable spot on our list. With over 300 retail stores in Turkey, Penti is a growing brand. Penti also has 106 retail stores in 29 countries, including Eastern Europe, western Asia, the USA, China, and Saudi Arabia. You can find Penti all over Istanbul, in every major shopping street such as Istiklal Street. You can also find Penti in shopping malls around Istanbul. Here’s a link to the online store of Penti.

7. Kiğılı

Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

What Turkish people think when they hear the brand Kiğılı is “stylish men”. Kiğılı isn’t the cheapest, but it is one of the best. Not exactly a luxury brand, Kiğılı offers high-quality products for reasonable prices. Suits, tuxedos, stylish jackets, ties, shoes, and accessories can be found in Kiğılı. Although suits are the first products that come to mind when talking about Kiğılı, they have a wide range of products. Different options from suits to accessories, from hoodies to shoes, everything Kiğılı produces is of good quality. You can find Kiğılı in almost all major malls in Istanbul. For ex, Istinye Park, Cevahir, Emaar Square, and Mall of Istanbul, all have Kiğılı retail stores. Check out their products from their online store.

9. Mudo

Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

Mudo stands out with unique designs, reasonable prices, and good quality. It is not as widespread as Mavi or LCW, but can surely be found in major shopping areas and malls. Mudo is a brand that has a following: those who wear Mudo usually stay loyal to Mudo. Mudo designs are not very flashy or artsy, but they have a style. Generally speaking, Mudo designers prefer pastel colors and carry a calmer, more modest yet stylish vibe. Check out their collection on their website: Mudo online shopping.

10. Koton

Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

The most affordable brand on our list is Koton. Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul are generally affordable, but Koton is extra affordable. Reasonable prices, high availability, and wide product range earn Koton a place on our list. Koton may not deserve the best place for high quality, but surely offers different options. You can find Koton in most shopping malls, and also on the famous Istiklal Street. Koton also has retail stores all over the world. You can find Koton in Eastern Europe, western Asia, UAE, France, and Saudi Arabia, and many other countries. You can check their online store as well.

11. Hatemoğlu

Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

Mostly designing clothes for middle-aged and older men, Hatemoğlu has a more traditional touch. Generally focused on pastel colors, traditional cuts, and designs, Hatemoğlu is well-known amongst Turkish people. Check out their collection on their online store.

Bonus: Les Benjamins

Turkish clothing brands in istanbul

In their own words: “Les Benjamins represents a vision of the contemporary East”. Or, “An Istanbul-Based Lifestyle Brand for Men and Women”. Les Benjamins sells more than clothing: they sell lifestyle products. Les Benjamins is an exceptional local brand with a vision of expressing where they “want to see the East today”. After gaining popularity with fashion weeks in Istanbul and Milan, Les Benjamin became one of the fastest-growing brands in Istanbul. If you follow fashion trends, Les Benjamins might be for you. Even though they have only started in 2011, their apparel is already available in places like Saks 5th Avenue, Harvey Nichols, and Antonioli. You can find Les Benjamins stores in the famous Bagdat Street, Zorlu Center shopping mall, or the Nişantaşı neighborhood. Check out their online store from this link. Their Instagram page is also quite inspiring: Les Benjamins Instagram Page

Bonus 2: Turkish Home Textiles

Turkey is one of the largest producers in the global textile industry. And you cannot have a textile industry without home textile. Even though this post is mainly about Turkish clothes brands, I wanted to mention home textiles too. Some of the good quality Turkish companies that do home textiles are:

1. Madame Coco: Even though the name sounds French, this is actually a Turkish brand. One of the leading brands in home textiles in Turkey, Madame Coco stands out with very reasonable prices. With hundreds of retail stores around Turkey and Istanbul, Madame Coco offers many different options.

2. Karaca Home: My personal favorite. With unique designs, high quality, and reasonable prices, Karaca deserves the best place in my heart. They may not be the market leader when it comes to home textiles but have high quality and unique good quality.

3. English Home: Another foreign-sounding sounding brand that is Turkish! This is a common marketing trick. Many Turkish people like the sound of and prefer foreign brands. Thus some Turkish companies deliberately choose English or European-sounding brand names. English Home stands out with good quality, a wide product range, and reasonable prices.

To sum up, Turkey is a leading textile country and has a lot to offer. Check out local Turkish clothing brands and home textiles when visiting Istanbul. You’d be pleasantly surprised with the price/quality performance. Check out more on our article about “11 Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul 2024 (Updated)”.