Best Places to Have Iftar in Istanbul

Ramadan has arrived. If you’re traveling to Istanbul in the holiest month of the year and fasting, you might wonder: What are the best places to have Iftar in Istanbul? Here are our top picks:


Located in the luxury shopping neighborhood, Nişantaşı, Hünkar is a high-quality home food canteen. “Hünkar” means “emperor” in Turkish and refers to the Ottoman Sultan. Naturally, you’d have high expectations from a restaurant named “emperor,” and they do deliver. Fresh ingredients, excellent service, and elegant decor put Hünkar at the top of our list. 

How to go to Hünkar?

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Specialized in Ottoman cuisine, Asitane deserves a special place on our list. This beautiful restaurant not only serves excellent food in an authentic ambiance and garden, but also does something most other restaurants don’t do: resurrect forgotten Ottoman recipes. Asitane specializes in recreating palatial Ottoman palace dishes that are rarely found in regular restaurants. For an alternative Iftar experience in this elegant restaurant, try Asitane. 

How do I go to Asitane?


Only a handful of restaurants can hold the honor of creating a dish that becomes a part of a country’s cuisine – Beyti is one of them. This restaurant specializes in different varieties of kebabs and is the inventor of the famous Beyti kebab. Originally a signature dish of Beyti, the “beyti kebab” became a national standard in most kebab restaurants. Beyti dates back to 1945, has a strong tradition, exceptional service, and mouth-watering kebabs. If you don’t mind going outside the old-town area and love to eat meat, Beyti will surely meet your expectations. They also have a special Iftar menu. 

How do I go to Beyti?


Located right in the heart of Sultanahmet, next to Blue Mosque and Arasta Bazaar, Şerbethane wins the best location award on our list. If you are near the old city and don’t have the energy to go somewhere far for Iftar after fasting all day, we can recommend you Şerbethane. This restaurant shares the same historical vibe, and authentic decor of the old city yet does not overcharge its customers. Affordable pricing, excellent location, clean, tasty, well-prepared food, and professional service put Şerbethane the fourth place on our list. In Ramadan 2023, their full 7-course Iftar menu with drinks cost only 600 liras (30 euros).

How do I go to Şerbethane? 

The Sarnıç Restaurant

If you’d like to have Iftar in a truly unique atmosphere – The Sarnıç is your place. Located in a 1500 years old Roman cistern, this restaurant delivers an alternative fine-dining experience. Unmatched ambiance, great location, and excellent food put The Sarnıç the fifth place on our list. In Ramadan 2023, their five-course menu costs 920 Turkish liras. 

How do I go to The Sarnıç?

Aziyade Restaurant

If you’ve been to Pierre Loti, visited Eyüp Sultan Tomb and Eyüp Sultan Mosque, and wondering if there are any great restaurants for Iftar nearby – Aziyade is your choice. Located on Pierre Loti hill, Aziyade offers its customers a stunning aerial view of Istanbul during Iftar. You can combine a visit to Pierre Loti or Eyüp Sultan Mosque with Iftar. But bear in mind that going up to Pierre Loti hill by cable car might take some time. So adjusting your time and going up the hill in advance might be a good idea to have Iftar on time. 

How do I go to Aziyade?

Hamdi Restaurant

One of the most well-known restaurants near the Spice Bazaar, Hamdi stands out with its spectacular sea view. Located right next to the Spice Bazaar, Hamdi Restaurant enjoys an excellent aerial view of the Golden Horn, Bosphorus, Galata Bridge, and the Galata Tower. If you’re nearby, Hamdi Restaurant might be your best pick for Iftar in Istanbul. Rich menu, clean and professional service, great location, and sea view grant a place for Hamdi on our list. 

How do I go to Hamdi Restaurant?

Read this before you go to Iftar in Istanbul:

Istanbul is a highly crowded and very touristic city. Thus most restaurants get packed in Iftar, and reservation is essential. Click on the restaurant links on our list, find their web page or phone number, and reserve your spot for Iftar. 

Alcohol Issue

Most of the restaurants on this list are high-end, fine-dining restaurants that usually serve alcohol. They might separate their Iftar service from their à la carte service but might still serve alcohol to other customers. Ask the restaurant before making a reservation to find out if this is the case. 


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